• Location: Front Parking lot

    Please review these procedures prior to the beginning of the school year and share them with any driver in your household.  Keep them for easy reference.  

    • All traffic flow is one way. Do not turn around or back up unless leaving a parking space.
    • Park only in marked parking spaces.  All other curb areas are Fire Lanes, subject to fines.
    • Speed limit is 5 miles per hour

    Morning Drop-Off Procedure
    • Stay in the right hand lane advancing as far forward as possible before stopping to drop off your students.
    • Stay in line behind the car in front of you.  Do not pull around a car to fill in a gap.
    • Students should exit the cars on the right hand side only towards the curb.  Parents should not exit the car to help children
    • After dropping off your students, you may pull into the left lane to exit.
    • Do not pull back into the lane against the sidewalk after you have been in the left hand lane.  Go around and enter again if needed.
    • Use the crosswalk on the elementary side of the school before 7:50 when parking and walking in.  The middle school crosswalk is closed until 7:50.
    • Never use the small parking lot at the flagpole to let children out.  This is only for parents who are parking and coming into the school.  Dropping students off here creates an unsafe mixture of cars and kids.
    • If you plan to park and escort your student into school, you may park in designated spaces in the small lot in front of the flagpole, along the entrance lane in the marked spaces or in the teacher's parking lot.
    • Students may NOT be dropped off at the rear of the school.
    • After 7:55, parents must park and bring children into school.  The kiss and go lane will be closed. The tardy bell rings at 7:50 and you must sign your child in at the front office.
    • Please do not pull in handicap spaces to drop off children, even if you have a handicap placard.  If you are dropping off students, you must use the kiss and go lane like everyone else.  These spaces are for our students who need wheelchair access or for adults who are handicapped and need to walk in.


    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure
    You will need to decide if your child will generally be picked up in a car in the kiss and go lane or if you plan to walk, bike, or park when picking up your child.  Students who are being picked up in a car that will be moving through the kiss and go lane will go to numbered cone assigned to them.  

    Students who will be picked up by a parent who is walking, biking, or parking their cars will stand on the sidewalk near the soccer field and kindergarten classrooms.  There will be benches there for families.  Please let your child’s teacher know which option you plan to use most often.  We will work this out the first few days until everyone understands the new process.  We hope this will reduce the crowding on the sidewalks and will help expedite the dismissal process. Your child’s safety is our number one priority!

    • Stay in the right hand lane only moving as far forward as possible.
    • Do not pull around stopped cars to fill in a gap.
    • Teachers load a few cars at a time.  All traffic will be stopped until they are loaded and have left the area.
    • Watch for guidance from the teacher stationed at the elementary crosswalk.
    • After your students have been loaded in the car and buckled up.  You may pull into the left lane to exit.  Exit by following directions from the teacher in the crosswalk.
    • Do not leave your car while in the Kiss and Go Lane.  If you plan to leave your car, park in the teacher parking lot. 
    • Remember to let your child’s teacher know if you will be a regular kiss and go car rider, or if you will be walking up to get your child either by bike, walking, or by parking your car.  
    • Keep in mind that we do have some students with disabilities.  These families might have other pick up procedures to ensure safety.

    We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures!