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  • Picture of the Rashkis Library "Information literacy - the ability to find and use information - is the keystone of lifelong learning. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of the school library media program." ---The American Association of School Librarians 

    The mission of the Rashkis Elementary media program is to provide students and staff equitable access to a diverse set of ideas and information in a variety of formats ensuring they are effective, efficient, and ethical uses of this information. We operate a flexible schedule and promote open access to resources. Students come throughout the day to checkout and return books, research, and work on class assignments. In addition, Mrs. Leggette collaborates with classroom teachers to plan lessons that are relevant to classroom content and promote authentic application of concepts, such as research, reading skills, digital citizenship, and information literacy.


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    Calling all Volunteers! The library organizes promotional and reading enrichment events and activities throughout the school year, including our largest fundraiser, the Scholastic Book Fair occurring every fall. We gladly accept volunteers for the Book Fair as well as year-round in the library helping to shelve, catalog, and complete tasks. Please contact Courtney Leggette if interested.

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    Courtney M. Leggette | Librarian

    cleggette@chccs.k12.nc.us | 919-918-2160 ext. 22406

Information & Policies

  • Students in grades 1-5 may checkout up to three books a time. Students in kindergarten check out one "take home" book throughout the week and one "good fit" book during classtime. The standard checkout time for all materials is two weeks; however, students may renew a book one time before returning. Overdue books must be returned before new books can be checked out. There are no fines for overdue materials, but if a book becomes lost or damaged beyond repair while checked out to your child, it must be paid for before the student can check out another library book. If a book becomes slightly damaged or worn out from a lot of love over the years, please do not try to fix it. Instead, let Mrs. Leggette know the problem and she will repair it.

    The library gladly accepts donations of gently-used children’s books, including foreign language materials. If the donation is not incorporated into our collection, it will be donated to a classroom or to a library that can use it.