• The Office of Student Enrollment and Assignment is closed. We are hoping to reopen in early June.

    • If you would like to enroll your child for the current school year, please fill out the 2019-20 online pre-registration form and we will contact you about completing the enrollment process.

    • If you would like to enroll your child for the upcoming school year, including the Dual Language and STEAM² magnet lotteries, please fill out the 2020-21 online pre-registration form. You may complete the enrollment process when we re-open.

    • Students who have moved within the district will remain enrolled at their previous schools during at-home learning in order to stay connected to their previous teachers and remote learning opportunities.
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  • Magnet Lottery Update:

    We are accepting scans or copies of the required documents for rising K-5 students participating in the magnet lottery only. (We will have a separate process for all other new students after the lottery is completed.)

    If your child is seated in the lottery, you will have 10 business days to present the original documents to Lincoln Center. If the documents are not received by that date, your child's seat will given to the next student on the list. If your child is not seated in the lottery, you must bring the original documents to Lincoln Center before your child will be permitted to attend his or her base school.

    • Send electronic copies, photos, or scans of your documents (child's birth certificate or passport, parent photo ID, and proof of residence) to registration@chccs.k12.nc.us by 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 29. We will send a confirmation within 2 business days.

    • We prefer that you send your documents by email. If you need to mail them, they must be received by Student Enrollment before 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 29. Our mailing address is Student Enrollment, Lincoln Center, 750 S. Merritt Mill Road, Chapel Hill, NC  27516. We will send a confirmation via mail. Please do not send originals through the mail.
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Enrollment Overview

  • The Office of Student Enrollment is responsible for new student registration, address changes, transfers and school assignment for new and continuing students.

    Registrations are completed by the Registrar at the district's central office, Lincoln Center, which is served by the CM bus route. Students do not need to accompany their parents to be enrolled.

    You may complete the online pre-registration process in advance or at Lincoln Center. To finalize your child's registration, you must appear in person at Lincoln Center. Only parents or legal guardians may register students. Legal guardians must present court-ordered custody or guardianship documentation. Notarized statements and powers of attorney are not acceptable.

Smith Middle Closed to New Students

  • Due to extreme overcrowding, Smith Middle School is closed to new students for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years

    New students will be reassigned to overflow schools based on their addresses. Transportation is provided. Students reassigned in 2019-20 will continue their assignments; transportation is provided.

    The Board of Education voted to close Smith Middle to students enrolled after July 18, 2019. New students enrolled after July 18, 2019 will be reassigned to other schools as outlined in Option #6 on the agenda abstract.

    No neighborhoods with current Smith students will be reassigned. The new development at Carraway Village, which had no Smith students on July 18, was reassigned to Estes Hills Elementary, Phillips Middle, and East Chapel Hill High.

    Voluntary transfers out of Smith to McDougle are available.