Homework Policy

  • East Chapel Hill High School Homework Policies


    Homework Policy Core Principles

    • Teachers are committed to supporting their students' learning and achievement.
    • Teachers are committed to being flexible with their support, acknowledging that every student has up to seven different classes and as many as seven different teachers.

    Homework Policy General Guidelines

    • Homework assignments must be meaningful and purposeful and should be necessary to support or promote further learning and achievement in a class. Homework may not be dependent on the assumption that parents/guardians will provide materials, resources, assistance, or direct instruction.
    • Homework assignments should be the result of reflective collaboration within a PLC.
    • The impact of homework on grades should be carefully considered.

    From these we agreed on the following three specific practices for non Advanced Placement (AP) courses*

    • All internet and/or device dependent assignments must have non-internet and/or non device dependent assignments available as needed and appropriate.
    • Students will have at least twenty-four hours between the time a homework assignment is given and the time that it is due. This includes electronically submitted assignments.
    • There is no expectation that students will engage in homework during a scheduled break. Homework assignments and class projects will not be assigned over scheduled school breaks. Due dates will be set such that students have enough time to complete assignments while school is in session.  (Students may engage in make-up work, if it has been provided, over a break.)

    *These specific policies may not apply to AP courses because expectations are outlined by College Board.