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  • What is Makerspace?

    Makerspace is a nation-wide movement designed to increase the opportunities for creativity and ingenuity for students of all ages. It is a collection of tools and resources that range from Legos and raw materials to 3D printers and robotics, all aimed to promote active problem-solving and higher-order-thinking skills.

    What does Makerspace Look like in the Hospital?

    The Hospital School has an established Makerspace program designed to fit the unique needs of our hospitalized students. Not only is the program supported with a large array of materials and resources located in our classroom spaces, the Hospital School also has a Mobile Makerspace with a 3D printer and robotics designed to be rolled to students who are not able to leave their rooms.

    Additionally, teachers and volunteers often bring Grab-And-Go Makerspace lessons to students; these engaging problem-solving challenges are designed to be solved with a specific time frame and list of materials. For a closer look at what the Hospital School Makerspace has to offer, check out our video on Youtube.

    Why Makerspace?

    Makerspace empowers students to be creators and inventors, to utilize and manipulate 21st century technology in order to understand the world around them. It encourages students to think outside the box to challenge their thinking and solve real-life problems. The materials and resources can be used to support almost any Common Core objective in a hands-on and motivating manner. The opportunities for ingenuity provided by Makerspace are preparing our students for a future that we can't yet imagine. For more on the "why", check out the resources on Curiosity Commons.