Teen Library Advisory Committee

  • The Teen Library Advisory Committee is a group of students who work to insure the library is a great place for all students. 
    Teens on the committee work with the school librarian to:

    • Give input on purchasing for the library,
    • Contribute to library publications,
    • Help lead/create library programming,
    • Volunteer at school, and
    • Influence how their library serves teens.

    The TLAC’s mission is to ensure diverse quality resources for both leisure activities (finding books, gaming, socializing) and academic assistance (ie. school work and technology help) for all middle school students.  The committee encourages teen involvement in the library through creative original programming and suggestions for collection development.

    Every student who participates in the committee is expected by the librarian and their peers at meetings to:

    • Be respectful of others and their ideas,
    • Be open minded and have a positive attitude,
    • Help and educate each other when needed,
    • Be an active participant in the committee.

    Teen Library Advisory Committee meets once a month for full group meetings, and then works in the library as needed.

    The Teen Library Advisory Committee interest meeting will be held Monday, October 14th during all activity periods.


  • Information on LitCon coming soon!