• Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

    What is the Multi-Tiered System of Support?

    MTSS is a term used to describe a model which encourages school improvement through engaging, research-based academic and behavioral practices. MTSS uses data-driven problem-solving to maximize growth for all students.


    2021-22 MTSS Leadership Team:

    Robert Bales - Administrator/Co-Leader

    Alicia Curtis - Administrative Intern

    Kristen Harrington - Content Specialist (Math)

    Keneisha Jones - Student Support Representative

    Ashley Lang - Content Specialist (ELA)

    Natalie Sarcona - Special Education Representative

    George Stackpole - Content Specialist (EL)

    Nicole Walker - General Education Representative/Co-Leader

    Hannah Mickey - General Education Representative

    Katie Titler - Encore Teacher Representative

    Wendy York - Content Specialist (Behavior)

    Maggie Bush - School Psychologist