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  • Brittannica Website Open in another website.

     PebbleGo opens in a new window.

     Biography for Beginners opens in a new window


    Explora Database will open in a new window




  •  BrainPop

     Brainpop, Jr.

     Brain Pop Espanol


    Discovery Education

     Link to Your Dictionary

Safe Searching

  • Opens KidRex Search

    Opens SafeSearch Kids

Copyright Friendly Images and Music

  • Opens Creative Commons

    Opens PhotosforClass



Public Library Partners

  • Students, teachers, and staff in the CHCCS district can use their school ID number to access all library resources at either the Orange County Public Library or Chapel Hill Public Library. Easy Access lets users do everything they can do with a regular library card – log in to research databases, check out print and audio books, and download digital materials – using your CHCCS student or staff number.

    For more information on how to access public library resources using your student ID, you can learn more on the CHCCS Digital Tools Training Portal HERE.

    Go to either the Chapel Hill Public Library or Orange County Public Library log in webpage by clicking on the image below.

    Chapel Hill Public Library                  Orange County Public Library