About Our School

  • Phoenix Academy High School currently serves 25-45 high school students within the day program of the school and has a current maximum capacity of 30-35 students within the Spire (evening) program.  The school serves  9th through 12th grade students who can greatly benefit from a more individualized and innovative educational approach.  Over 90% of the student population completes an application and is screened to determine potential success at Phoenix Academy High School.  Students are assigned to Phoenix Academy High School for the duration of a school year.  Students may be dual enrolled at Phoenix Academy High School while completing elective courses at one of the traditional high schools or while taking classes at one of the local community colleges.

    The school is composed of both a traditional block schedule day program as well as an evening program for students requiring a more unique and tailored learning environment. Students in the day program take four classes each semester, allowing them to complete eight credits over the year. The school is allocated approximately 26 full and part-time staff. The staff consists of support, instructional and administrative positions.   

    The school’s main facility is located beside the Lincoln Center in a stand-alone facility. In addition, the school is assigned a trailer as well as use of the gymnasium behind the main facility.  The school provides both traditional classroom instruction as well as instruction through the NCVPS and APEX as our online instructional resources.  

    Both breakfast and lunch are delivered by the nutritional staff from Carrboro High School. Students are able to ride school buses to school, drive or be driven to school,  walk and use other sources of public or personal  transportation.  Students are required to be in school from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 

    The Spire program starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm.  The program is presented in an online format with students working on individual courses and at their own pace inside the main facility.  Each student is provided with 9 weeks to complete at least one course.  In the Spire program, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the school.  

    All students have a vested interest in wanting to complete all or part of their education in this setting.  Classes are often small, seldom going over ten students.  The staff forms very close bonds with the students and are able to understand and know the circumstances each student faces on a regular or daily basis.  

    Education is tailored to the needs of each individual student. 

    Attending Phoenix Academy

    Students are required to complete an intake interview before attending Phoenix Academy.  During the interview, general assessments are made to determine what emotional and mental health support the student may require to ensure a successful transition to the program.  In addition, each student completes a thorough review of her or his high school transcript with one of  the school’s counselors.  During this process, it is determined and decided the most appropriate course of action and courses the student will require in order to graduate as soon as possible and be ready for success in her or his future.  The following tools are used to determine the needs of the students being served at Phoenix Academy High School: The Scholastic Reading Inventory and I-Ready, Discipline Data, 2017-2018 Teacher Working Condition Survey,  Student Survey, attendance data and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Data.

    Student Demographics

    The program is open to all students within the district; however, the demographics of the school are in constant fluctuation.  Currently, the student body is predominantly African American with Hispanic students as the second largest population.  With a typical 75% to 85%+ of students on free and/or reduced lunch rate, the economic makeup of the student body is on the low income range of the socio-economic scale.