About Our Family

  • School Description (What are unique features of our school?  What characteristics set the school apart? School profile:  school physical plant, profile of teachers, administrators, special programs, co-curricular, etc.)

    Phoenix Academy High School is an alternative high school serving adolescents who can greatly benefit from a more individualized education approach.  The school is currently comprised of 5 core teachers; a language arts, math, social studies and science teacher as well as one Career Technical Education teacher.  In addition, there are two teacher assistants and one EC Resource teacher.  The school is further staffed by a data manager/bookkeeper/administrative assistant, a Dean of Students and a principal.  The school nurse, social worker, ESL teacher, Physical Education teacher and EC Coordinator is assigned to serve the school on a part-time basis.   

    The school is located beside the Lincoln Center in a stand alone facility.  It consist of five(5) classrooms, four offices, a conference room, a commons area (which serves as a cafeteria), a food serving area, a supply storage room, a utility room and one small storage closet.  There is a gymnasium located behind the school in which is considered an extension of the school facility resources.  

    The school provides both traditional classroom instruction as well as instruction through the NCVPS, Plato and APEX (a new on-line instructional resource).  Students are provided with an individualized program that fits their unique needs.  All students attending Phoenix Academy High School are able to receive all graduation requirements while at the school and are able to complete any academy track in which they are enrolled in at the time they are accepted into the Phoenix Academy High School program.

    The students at Phoenix Academy High School receive instruction within smaller class settings.  Issues that are inherent to the reasons they were not previously successful in the more traditional school settings are able to be identified and addressed.

    Phoenix Academy High School operates on a block schedule.  Classes are 90 minutes long.  The lunch class, which is 3rd period is broken up into two sessions of 45 minutes with a 45 minute lunch period in between the 1st and 2nd 45 minutes class time.  Phoenix Academy High School is the only school in the district that operates on a block schedule.  The additional time in the classes provides the students with a more enriched process to catch up on their academics and receive the help they require.  

    Due to unique size of the school and its location both breakfast and lunch are delivered by the nutritional staff from the main facility.  There is a strict accounting for all meals and a head-count is provided to nutritional services in mid-morning in order for all students to receive a lunch.  Seniors are allowed to leave campus during lunch period but must return prior to the start of their next class.  In addition, this is a privilege and not a right.  Some students may lose this privilege if it is abused.  

    Students are able to ride school buses to school.  Some students elect to drive or be driven to school, some walk and others use the public transportation.  Students are required to be in school from 8:45 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.      

    The staff at Phoenix Academy High School works closely with many local support agencies.  These agencies provide monetary, mental/emotional health and food for many of our children and their families.