• Mission, Vision and Beliefs


    The mission of Morris Grove Elementary School is to provide all students with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they may lead successful, productive, and rewarding lives in a global community.


    Morris Grove Elementary School will be a true learning community for students and educators. Through a commitment to equity and excellence, coupled with the use of effective instructional practices and programs, we will establish an educational environment that ensures all students achieve high levels of learning and success.

    Students at Morris Grove will be excited about learning and feel that the school is a caring, safe, and fun place to be. Educators will feel supported, challenged, and fulfilled as they collectively work to ensure that every child reaches a high level of success. Families and community members will feel welcomed and embraced as partners in the learning process.


    • We believe that every student can learn and achieve at high levels.
    • We believe all educators must hold a shared ownership and be fully invested in the success of all students.
    • We believe we are responsible for raising the achievement of every student, closing the achievement gaps and eliminating institutional barriers that prevent students from reaching high levels of success.
    • We believe that in order to eliminate the achievement gap, educators must be dedicated to the equity framework and engage in courageous conversations regarding issues of race and equity.
    • We believe that classroom instruction should be engaging, culturally responsive, relevant, rigorous, and differentiated to meet individual student learning needs.
    • We believe students should learn global informational, technological, and communicative skills to better prepare them for success.
    • We believe in a establishing a school environment where teachers work collaboratively to plan, instruct and assess for student learning while ensuring an aligned written, taught and tested curriculum.
    • We believe in a culture of continuous improvement where staff members are reflective practitioners who have a willingness to learn and embrace new ideas and strategies.
    • We believe in establishing positive and professional working conditions so that staff members feel valued, respected, and enthusiastic about their work.
    • We believe the school culture must embrace, nurture, and celebrate the diversity of students, families and staff.
    • We believe it is our responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing, and healthy school environment that supports the physical and emotional well-being of each child, provides the foundation for making good choices, and promotes respect for self and others.
    • We believe in the importance of establishing effective, strong, and communicative partnerships with parents, families, and the greater school community so that they may support student learning and growth.