Scrabble Club

  • Seawell Scrabble Club meets every Thursday after school in the Seawell Library, and is open to all Seawell students in grades 4-5.

    At each session, we start with a word puzzle or challenge, then spend 15 minutes discussing new words or game
    strategy. The remaining club time is spent playing a game. Refreshments are always provided.

    Tournament News!!!

    The Seawell Scrabble Club will host the North Carolina School Scrabble Championships on March 9, 2019!

    Tournament Registration Form

    Several Seawell students have also competed in the National School Scrabble Championship. Former Seawell students Kevin Bowerman and Raymond Gao won the $10,000 1st Prize in 2013!

    first place scrabble team

    The 2019 North American School SCRABBLE Championship will be held April 27-28 in Philadelphia, PA. Families may now register at the following link:


    Some Scrabble Club Students may also enjoy playing in adult-level competitive Scrabble Tournaments. Some of these are listed on

    For more information, contact coach David Klionsky: