Seawell Chess Club

    Mondays Sept 12 to Nov 14

    2:35 to 3:40

    Fee: $129.00 

    Location: Library

    Pickup: Carpool

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    Parents: Send a note to their teacher on the first day if this is your child's first time at chess.

    Our first day will be very exciting as we try to get to know your child's current level of chess knowledge. We separate kids in groups based on ability more than age. The competitive ladder process helps them to be challenged while still being encouraged to improve.
    •We are excited to be using a chess workbook series called the Step Method. We are very impressed with how thorough these materials cover chess topics and how it helps players reduce errors. If your child has been in chess before then they may say it seems too easy -GOOD! The Step Method is designed to develop solid foundations with frequent tests before moving on to new material. There are a total of 5 workbooks we will use in the series.
    •If you already have a Step Workbook then bring it. If it is your first time at chess then you will receive a workbook the 1st or 2nd week.
    All chess sets are provided on site.