• What is a School Improvement Team?

    According to North Carolina state statute, every school must have a School Improvement Team (SIT) which is designed to "develop a school improvement plan (SIP) to strengthen student performance". The membership of the SIT at the Hospital School includes the principal, the administrative assistant and the chairperson of each SIT Action Team. At monthly meetings, the SIT creates and monitors the implementation of the SIP. Meetings also provide an opportunity for collaboration among stakeholders to address issues directly or indirectly related to instruction, student performance and school climate.

    The school improvement process is designed to move schools toward the goals established in the CHCCS Long Range Plan.


    School Improvement Team Members

    The school improvement teams tasked with implementing the School Improvement Plan are Equity, Instructional Excellence, Partnerships, and Makerspace.  SIT members for 2018-2019 are Angela Romatzick (classified), chair elected 5/21/18 for the 2018-2020 term;  Karen Weatherly (teacher) representing Instructional Excellence, elected 5/21/18;  Gage Matthews (teacher) representing Data Collection and Equity, elected 5/21/18;  Ellen Lowe (teacher) representing Partnerships, elected 5/21/18;  Ellen Lowe (teacher) representing Partnerships, elected 5/21/18;  Anna Kohler (teacher) representing Makerspace, elected 5/21/18;  Kirsten Bergman (teacher) is Recorder, elected 5/21/18;  and Marny Ruben (principal)


    School Improvement Team Goals

    Here is our 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan.   

    All meetings will be held in the Hospital School on 2 Neurosciences in the 3rd classroom at 2:30 on the third Monday of every month. September 17, October 29, November 19, December 17, January 23, February 18, March 19, April 15, and May 20.