Staff Led Clubs

Basketball Club

  • Ms. Humphrey and Mr. Elderkin

    Basketball club is time for students to engage in physical activity with their peers either through a game of H-O-R-S-E, knock-out, or a friendly one-on-one match-up. Sometimes, if the students are lucky, either Mr. Elderkin or Ms. Humphrey will join in and give the students a run for their money! 

Video Games Club

  • Mr. Martin and Mr. Koroma

    In Video Games Club, students explore a wide variety of games and talk about what aspects of those video games make them enjoyable for different people. They primarily play on the Nintendo Switch because of its strong multiplayer support. Bowling and Mario Kart have been very close competitions. They have also tested out several cooperative and competitive mobile games to see how phones stack up as a gaming platform. Eventually, we may be able to explore a virtual reality setup and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, we try to have fun while destroying each other in a variety of virtual environments!

Art Club

  • Ms. Albert and Ms. Silverstein-Belden

    Art Club gives students a space to work on creative projects. Each week, students in Art Club work on a new project that expands their knowledge of different styles, mediums and techniques, as well as works to improve their technical art skills. At the end of the semester, the students will participate in a collaborative project that will showcase what they have learned. 

Film/Sound Club

  • Ms. Youngblood and Mr. Raitano

    In this club, students will be exploring the use of video editing software for storytelling. They will be learning to use Powtoons, WeVideo  and Audacity Sound Software. 

Community Led Clubs


  • Harrelson Davis

    Moneythink is a club where you will learn how to achieve all your short and long-term financial goals. If you have a car you want to save up for, we can show you the best way to do that! Whether it is saving for college, running a business, doing taxes, or learning to invest, Moneythink can teach you all the different mechanics of the financial world and make sure you are spending your money in the right places.

What is Philosophy?

  • Michael Vazquez, PhD

    Philosophy is about trying to make sense of our lives and the world around us. Most people study philosophy without even knowing it—we all have ideas and theories about what  traits make a person “cool,” when someone is being unfair, or how we know whether a statement is true or false. But even though people have all these ideas, we don’t always think them through. In a philosophy class, we try to articulate our ideas and think through the reasons we have for them—are they good or bad reasons? And how do different theories and opinions affect our lives?

Rise Yoga

  • Christy Stanley

    Girls will gain a deeper understanding of the mind and body connection through Yoga. Yoga has been shown to calm down your nervous system, decrease stress and increase compassion for yourself and others. We will incorporate breathing practices, yoga postures, mindfulness, and journaling. (Girls only)

The Personal Growth Project

  • Jackson Center - Aisha Booze Hall

    Personal Growth Project: Each and every one of you has a story to tell and your voice matters--your stance and position matter. Keeping this at our core, the PG Project is aimed at providing a space to amplify the truths and stories of students through exploring identity and understanding the construction of race, gender, intersectionality. Through the PG Project, students will engage in social justice storytelling to create their own personal projects, such as a poem, collage, or short video that explains who they are. Reflecting on an issue of social justice/civil rights, students will explore how their lives and experiences intersect. Students will creatively collaborate with one another to produce individual pieces that they can be proud of. Our club will end with a community project day where we celebrate and showcase student-produced work!