Smith Attendance

  • In keeping with CHCCS Attendance Policy, Smith has the following in-house procedures/rules:

    • Parents are alerted to student absences through an automated system.  A call is generated if: (1) parents did not submit a note in advance of their student's absence; or (2) their students did not sign in as tardy before 9 AM.
    • To excuse an absence, parents must turn in a physical note or email.  If using email, parents must send a message to and to the student's teachers.  Contact information for students' core teachers can be found on their teachers' team website.  Contact information for students' elective teachers can be found in the staff directory.
    • Educational leave requests must be approved before trips begin.  All educational leave trips must meet district and state guidelines on excusable absences to be approved.
    • It normally takes 1-2 days for attendance to be fully processed.