• Culbreth School Improvement Team

    A School Improvement Team (SIT) is a collaborative group comprising educators, parents, and students dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of education in their school. The team assesses school strengths and weaknesses, sets achievable goals, and develops strategic improvement plans. Through ongoing monitoring, stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to professional development, SIT works to create a positive learning environment. Celebrating successes and addressing challenges, the SIT plays a vital role in ensuring schools adapt to the evolving needs of students and society. Take a look at Culbreth SIT Team and school improvement plans below! 

    All meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month and are open to the school community. If you are interested in participating in our SIT please reach out to the chair, Peter Schwartz.

  • The Culbreth School Improvement Team:

    • Lucas Paulson- Principal
    • Tracey Lockhart - Assistant Principal
    • Wendy York - Assistant Principal
    • Charneique Mitchell-Processing Manager
    • Peter Schwartz-SIT Chair
    • Emily Shepard- Teacher
    • Matthew Nedimyer- Teacher
    • Vander Monroe- Teacher 
    • Robin Small - Student Services Secretary 
    • Susan Barry-Parent Co-Chair
    • Christina Harris - Parent
    • Jessica Samuel - Parent
    • Madeleine Salazar- Parent
    • Stephanie Minter - PTSA Parent Liason 
    • Rebecca Howell-Parent