• Culbreth School Improvement Team

    We are so excited for the 2021~ 2022 School Year and all the amazing work we will do as TEAM. The S.I.T Chairs, Teacher Chair Ilameredith Berkley, and Parent Chair Maria Estonorio will share the meeting minutes for review in order to get feedback on our most current discussions and the progress on our NC Star Indicators. 
    Here is a link with our most recent meeting minutes/notes. Please reach out by email or phone if you have any questions

    We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month at 4:00 and invite anyone interested to attend the meeting. Our meeting days are:

    September 2

    October 7

    November 4

    December 2

    January 6

    February 3

    March 3

    April 7

    May 5

  • The Culbreth School Improvement Team is:

    • April Burko - Principal
    • Dr. Travis Duncan - Assistant Principal
    • Ila Berkley - SIT Teacher Co-Chair
    • Maria Estorino - SIT Parent Co-Chair
    • Karen Vandersea - Parent
    • Jennifer Allen - 6th Grade
    • Nick VonHoene - 7th Grade
    • John Denniston - 8th Grade
    • Sherry Smith - PE
    • Matt Dixon - PE
    • Brandon Cartagena - Dual Language
    • Jessica Grinnell - AVID
    • Corrie Franklin - Cultural Arts
    • Jenise Best - Gifted Specialist
    • Shannon Allee - Student Services

Culbreth School Improvement Team Minutes