About CHCCS Communications

      • The Communications division serves as the official information link between the district and CHCCS employees, families, students and community members.

        Communications staff publicizes district information and events, prepares and schedules mass messages, maintains most content on the district website and social media, designs publications and calendars, and communicates in times of crisis such as school safety incidents, inclement weather, sudden power outages or other time-sensitive situations. 

        We use several different ways to communicate with families and interested citizens.

        Blackboard: The mass notification service used daily by individual schools and the district’s central office to communicate important news, updates and general information*. These messages are only available to employees and student households (i.e. parents/caregivers), and they come in three forms: robocalls, emails and texts. Families are automatically signed up when enrolling a student(s) in CHCCS.

        • Robocalls will go to the home phone number listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.
        • Emails will go to the email address listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.
        • Text messages will go to the cell phone number listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in PowerSchool.
        • Helpful tip: CHCCS text messages will always come from the number “60680.” Give that number a name in your phone’s contacts so you know it’s about school.

        If you’re the parent or caregiver of a student and you feel you’re not receiving these messages, or if contact information has changed, please contact your school’s data manager to be sure that all contact information is up to date. (Note: If one parent/caregiver is receiving calls/texts, but the other parent/caregiver is not, this may be related to how your phone numbers are labeled and stored in PowerSchool. Please contact the data manager at your school/s to be sure your phone numbers are labeled the way you want them.) 

        If you’re a CHCCS employee, please contact CHCCS Human Resources to be sure that all contact information is up to date.

        If you’re unaffiliated with CHCCS and believe you’re receiving CHCCS messages by mistake, then we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please use the form on this page to unsubscribe from all CHCCS messages.

        * “Important news, updates and general information” from the district and your student’s school can vary widely and include things like an inclement weather day, the superintendent’s community update, a principal’s weekly message, public meetings and events, a late bus, a student absence, a low meal account balance or other information.

        School websites: Each of our schools has its own website, updated by a staff member based at the school. School websites typically post updates that are intended specifically for students and families of that school. If you’re looking for your school’s website on a desktop/laptop computer, start on www.chccs.org and click the dropdown menu labeled “Our Schools” (If you are using a mobile device, use that same link, then click “Menu” and then click “Our Schools”.

        News and Notes: A weekly email produced by the CHCCS Communications team. News and Notes is usually sent out every Tuesday afternoon during the school year. It consists of important information, announcements, interesting opportunities, reminders and other items intended for all CHCCS families and employees (and is translated into various languages). An archive of past issues of News and Notes can be found at this link.

        Social media: We use several forms of social media in order to connect with employees, families, students and the community:

        • YouTube (@chapelhillcarrboroschools): Through engaging videos, interviews and educational content, we provide an inside look into the innovative programs, extracurricular activities, and community events that make CHCCS a hub of learning and exploration.
        • Facebook (@ChapelHillCarrboroCitySchools): A great way for us to share positive shoutouts, announcements, videos, opportunities and events. Important alerts or urgent information such as school closings can be found here as well. Individual schools or PTAs/PTSOs may also use Facebook.
        • Instagram (@chapelhillcarrboroschools): The fastest-growing way to show our community the great things being accomplished by our students, schools and district!
        • X/Twitter (@chccs): Similar to Facebook and Instagram, X is used to share positive shoutouts, announcements, videos, opportunities, events and urgent information.
        • LinkedIn: A place to see posts and information related to career opportunities, employee accomplishments and organizational highlights related to CHCCS.


        Superintendent's 'FOCUSED: Friday Features': Weekly e-mail and video messages sent from Supt. Nyah Hamlett to all CHCCS employees and families (and translated into various languages). Typically the FOCUSED: Friday Features arrive in your inbox at approximately 4:30 p.m. A playlist of all FOCUSED: Friday Features is available on our YouTube.

        Flyer Distribution (Peachjar): CHCCS uses Peachjar to share flyers electronically, instead of printing thousands of sheets of paper. Non-profit organizations who wish to use Peachjar to reach CHCCS audiences must meet certain requirements and follow specific instructions. Use this link to learn more about our flyer distribution process.

        Quick Links: A list of important items that appears on the www.chccs.org homepage for easy access.

        Board of Education meetings, agendas and documents: These generally appear on a service known as “Granicus”. For more information about Granicus and Board of Education meetings in general, start at https://www.chccs.org/domain/1052.

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