Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is comprised of those community members elected to set policy and direction for the local school district. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education includes seven members who serve four-year terms.


    CHCCS School Board’s Mission Statement

    To facilitate the CHCCS Mission by establishing and maintaining policies that are in the best interest of our students, communicating and engaging with key stakeholders, and hiring and collaborating with the district superintendent.

Board of Education Members


    Dr. La Serna      

    Jillian LaSerna, Chair
      Four-year term expires 2023


    Deon Temne

    Deon Temne, Vice Chair
        Four-year term expires in 2023


    Vacant Seat
    Four-year term expires in 2021      








    Rani Dasi
        Four-year term expires in 2023


    Lisa Kaylie

     Lisa Kaylie
        Term expires in 2021


     Ashton Powell    

    Ashton Powell
         Four-year term expires in 2023








    Mary Ann Wolf
        Four-year term expires in 2021












Contact CHCCS Board of Education

  • To send a message to all CHCCS Board Members and the Superintendent's Office, please e-mail:

    All mail correspondence to and from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law, which may result in disclosure to third parties.

    You can expect to receive a response to your email from a board representative to ensure receipt.