Credit for Demonstrated Mastery Overview

  • Every student and family should read the important information below prior to signing up for CDM. 

     In CHCCS, we are proud to have many students who truly excel in academics and other areas. Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM), which is a state policy, allows middle and high school students the opportunity to personalize and accelerate their learning by earning credit for a high school course by demonstrating mastery of course content, without being required to complete classroom instruction for a certain amount of seat time.


    Since its implementation four years ago, CHCCS CDM applicants have increased each year.  As a district, we have worked to develop processes and procedures to support schools with these growing numbers.  The data below show that we have students signing up for assessments, often multiple assessments, who end up not testing. As a district, we need the support of families in making sure students are making informed commitments when signing up for CDM.  Below you will see the data from the last two years regarding the number of applicants and the number of students who actually tested:

    2018-19 CDM Data: 

    • 325 applications
    • 189 actual Phase 1 assessments 
    • 136 applicants signed up who did not test 
    • 79 credits awarded after Phase 2 (42% pass rate)

    2017-18 CDM Data:

    • 321 applications
    • 225 actual Phase 1 assessments
    • 96 applicants signed up who did not test 
    • 110 credits awarded after Phase 2 (49% pass rate) 


    Planning to deliver CDM assessments requires significant time and use of personnel. Schools must design a testing plan based upon the number of applicants. This requires mandatory  training for all test administrators and proctors, interruption of the school day, moving classes around to create testing spaces, pulling support staff away from their duties to test students, loss of instructional time, and a financial impact on the district. Therefore, it is imperative that students and families have conversations regarding this commitment and the implications BEFORE applying for CDM. 


    To communicate more widely with families, the district has scheduled three parent meetings during September and October. There are some changes to CDM this year and we want to create opportunities for families to receive information and ask questions. 


    CDM Parent Information Meetings


    • RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, October 1st: Gifted Parent Advisory Council (GPAC) LOCATION: Phoenix Academy 750 S. Merritt Mill Road

    • 6:00- 7:30 PM


    • Saturday, October 5th: CHCCS Family Summit, Culbreth Middle School 
    • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery session (CDM) will be 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM. 


    • Thursday, October 10th: Smith Middle School Library (6:30 PM- 7:30 PM) 


    If you have questions regarding the CDM process, please contact the appropriate content director. 

    Dorie Hall: Math and Science-

    Dr. Brenda Whiteman: Arts-

    Dr. Christy Stanley: English, Social Studies, and World Languages-

    Kathi Breweur: Career & Technical Education -