• Updates Regarding Middle School Math Placement for 2019-20

    The DEADLINE for having waivers submitted is

    MONDAY, JUNE 3rd, 2019.

    Late waivers CANNOT be accepted. Schools must have schedules completed by June 30th.

    This is important information regarding the math placement process for the 2019-20 school year. As some of you may be aware, this school year math scores will be delayed by the state.

    When new tests are administered for the first time, student scores are delayed while the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) processes the test data and completes all necessary analyses. These processes and analyses will take place during summer 2019, which means students will not receive their test scores at the completion of the test administration.

    Instead, the scores for these tests will be delayed until late August 2019.

    • Please note that the release of scores is dependent upon the math test standard setting approval by the State Board of Education the week of August 5th.

    As a result, this means the math placement process will change for the upcoming school year.    Here is the CHCCS Middle School Math Placement Guide.  

    • The basic change is that for rising 6th graders the district will utilize test scores from prior years as opposed to the current year to determine placement into Math 6 or Compacted Math 6.

    • Rising 7th and 8th graders will ONLY be moved into an accelerated pathway if they receive a Level 5 on the math EOG. For example, students will NOT be moved from Math 7 to Math 1 unless they score a Level 5, which is state policy.

    • All students who are on an accelerated pathway will remain there.

    • The math waiver is ONLY for families of rising 6th grade students or new to district students.

    Before filling out the waiver, please carefully read the information below regarding who should and should not fill out a waiver.   

    The following scenarios for students do NOT require a waiver:

    1. Students who are identified AIG in Math in CHCCS and students who took Compacted Math 6 or Compacted Math 7 in 2018-19. They will remain on this pathway.

    2. Rising 6th-grade students who have made a Level 5 on past math EOG tests (3rd and/or 4th grade) will have an automatic placement.

    3. Students who were in Math 6 (2018-19) and are eligible (in August) to be placed into Compacted Math 7 (2019-20) will be scheduled when scores are received.   

    4. Students who were in Math 7 (2018-19) and are eligible (in August) to be placed into Math 1 (2019-20) will be scheduled when scores are received.   

    5. Students in the LEAP Program are in an accelerated pathway and do not need a waiver.

    6. Students who are in Math 1 or higher are not eligible for a waiver.  Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) is the only process to accelerate in high school credit courses.

    The following scenario for students DOES require a waiver:

    1. Your child is a rising 6th grader who shows potential in math and wants to take Compacted Math 6 but s/he does not have Level 5 End of Grade (EOG) math scores from 3rd and 4th grade.

    2. If a family believes they have an exception to the guidelines above, please complete a waiver. Schools will examine these on an individual basis. 

    If you determine that a waiver is needed, you have a few options:

    DIGITAL FORM (in English)- you will receive a response receipt for your records
    DIGITAL FORM (in Spanish)- you will receive a response receipt for your records
    Printable Form  (in English & Spanish)- submit in person to the assigned middle school
    All elementary and middle schools will have paper copies available in the front office for families.

    If you have questions regarding the middle school math placement process, please consult your school counselor.

    Dorie Hall

    Director of Secondary Math & Science


  • Math Curriculum and Pathways

    In alignment with our equity plan, CHCCS is working to ensure all students have a strong conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and access to rigorous curriculum. Additionally, our new math placement plan is creating access and opportunity to advanced (compacted, honors and AP) courses for ALL students.

    Note for Families and students:

    Effective with the 2018-19 school year, North Carolina will have new K-8 Math Standards. CHCCS has started working with teachers this year to understand and unpack the revisions. The resources above reflect the current standards and resources from the 2017-18 school year. Visit the NCDPI Mathematics Website if you would like to learn more about the new standards.