for enrichment - if you have passion to solve math puzzles or math questions, use the resources below to challenge your mind.

    1) Math Warehouse - for math riddles, math animated gifs, real math horror stories, Pythagorean Theorems, derivatives etc.


    2) Learn Alberta - website to learn about fractions, integers, ratios and proportions, percentages, square roots and many other math concepts.


    3) Shodor Interactive - If you want to improve your algebra skills and graphing abilities, this may be a place for you to practice.s - 


    4) Art of Problem Solving - An online tool to learn and enhance your knowledge about probability, integers and sums, geometry, algebra, and many more topics.




    English Resources


    1) Poetry Out Loud - Recite different poems by selecting your favorite from the list provided.


    2) Grammarly - A website to check your grammar skills - everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.


    3) CommonLit - Free reading passages in all content areas.






    1) Study Stack - Improve your vocabulary by using this tool. Make your own vocabulary list with definitions. You can also play games like scramble, hangman, gravity etc. to practice.


    2) Quizlet - Another vocabulary tool where you can build your own vocabulary list with images and definitions.


    3) Study Jams - Watch these free science videos on various topics - you can select and then watch. Most of them have a quiz to check your understanding at the end.





    Interactive Tools


    1) Flamingtext - Want to learn some cool fonts and copy them, try this interactive tool to choose from hundreds of fonts available.


    2) Cooltext - Another free tool to make interesting, 3D, animated fonts.


    3) Educreations - Use this free tool to make videos on anything you can imagine. An easy to use tool that can let your creativity roll.


    4) Animoto: Use this tool to make videos from your pictures and slides, to teach your friends how to do something, to inform them about anything fun you did. Add small captions and your video is created in minutes.