• These websites provide differentiation strategies for gifted learners.


    Phet Lab - Find virtual simulations on various topics


    Science Prinatbles - variety of topics to choose from


    Periodic Videos - videos and information on the elements of the periodic table


    24/7 Science - collection on hands on activities for different science topics


    Science Daily - website with variety of science articles based on interest and age group


    Edheads - website with free games to activate critical thinking


    Learning Science - Excellent website to explore interactive and virtual learning on variety of topics


    Khan Academy - Practice different type of math problems 


    Sum Dog - Practice Math problems


    CPalms - a website with tons of resources for all subjects


    MARS / Shell Centre Website - Specifically for math assessments


    Online Math Learning - Math games and fun for all grade levels


    Illustrative Math - high quality math resources for math learning


    English Language Arts

    Lexile - matching readers with texts


    NewsELA - Instructional Content Platform


    Scholastic - Current and engaging non-fiction


    Poetry - if interested in writing or reading poetry


    Graphic Organizers - directly print different kind of graphic organizers

    Social Studies

    Google Earth - Find location and information about any place on / under Earth


    TakingITGlobal - website on world's greatest challenges


    Utah Education Network - Learn anything about geography, history - past and present, and much more

    For all subjects

    Study Stack - to teach vocabulary in any content (has games to review)


    Quizlet - to practice vocabulary in any content


    Quizizz - can be used for review or as pre-assessment


    Kahoot - Can be used for review or as pre-assessment


    Edutopia - teaching ideas in a diverse classroom