SMS Dance Forms 2018-19

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  • Smith Middle School’s

    Dance Policy

  • Students must return this signed policy in order to buy a ticket to the dance.

  • The following dance policy has been established to help students have an enjoyable and safe event.

    • Students are to follow the general school rules, including policies concerning dress code and public displays of affection (see below for actual school policy).
    • Music and musical lyrics will be appropriate for middle school-aged students.
    • Chaperones (Smith faculty and parents) will be present to monitor dance floor activity.
    • Fights will not be tolerated.  Any student who violates this rule will not be invited back to dances.
    • There will be no running (through dancers, around the gym, or in the hallway or cafeteria).
    • Students are advised to leave all belongings at home.  No storage area will be available for extra clothes, backpacks, etc.
    • All students must be picked up by 8 PM.
    • Only Smith Middle School students may attend; no guests.
    • Students who are absent the day of the dance may not attend.
    • Students who have served ISS or OSS will not be permitted to attend the dance that quarter.  If the dance that quarter has already taken place, they will not be permitted to attend the dance next quarter.

    Attire / Dress Code

    One way students express their individuality is through clothing and dress.  Students are expected to be well groomed and neatly dressed. The following clothing styles are not acceptable at Smith or any school sponsored events:

    • Clothing that is distracting or revealing, such as short shorts/skirts; midriff tops; spaghetti strap tops; low cut shirts and low, sagging pants
    • Undergarments (boxer shorts, bras, and slips) should not be exposed
    • Skullcaps, stocking caps, do rags, baseball caps, wave caps, bandanas, kerchiefs, or other hats
    • Offensive clothing, buttons, dog collars, or other ornaments that express messages of profanity, hatred, violence, the use of drugs, tobacco products, cigarettes, sexual overtones, or gang association

    Public Display of Affection

    Public display of affection is considered inappropriate at school or at school-related activities.  Examples of this behavior such as displaying acts of petting, fondling, or kissing will result in appropriate disciplinary action to be determined by the school administration.

    Appropriate Dancing

    We expect students to dance and have fun at our dances!  We also expect students to dance appropriately, including leaving space between partners and not grouping together in tight circles.  Students will receive one warning, one 10-minute time-out, and then, will be asked to leave the dance early if the inappropriate dancing continues.

    I understand the above Dance Policy, and I understand that I may be asked to call home and have my parent pick me up early from dances if I decide not to follow this policy.

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