• What is Naviance?
    Naviance is a college & career readiness software tool that provides students, families and school staff with college planning and career assessment tools.
    Naviance/Family Connection
    Allows students and parents to create and share resumes as well as their future "game plan," complete interest and personality inventories, compare colleges, search for scholarships, plus receive communication from Counseling and the CIC.
    What is Naviance?

    Naviance software serves two primary purposes in the college and career preparation and application process by:

    • offering repository for information that can then be transferred to a college application, basically streamlining documentation for the college application process. 
    • providing students with information about colleges of interest and matches based on GPA and test scores
    • providing students with career inventories and search tools

    ALL 11th grade Naviance accounts have been activated, and you will all log in using your student email account. During your 10th grade English classes (when you received your PSAT scores), you received log in information for naviance that you may or may not have utilized since.  

    STUDENTS, you are unable to log in, or have forgotten your password, contact me (afreuler@chccs.k12.nc.us) and I will auto-reset your account which will generate a temporary link to be sent to your email. From there you will then select a new password.
    PARENTS, if you would like to create a Naviance parent account (that is associated with your student's account), please email Ms. Brooks at (mbrooks@chccs.k12.nc.us) and she will help you get set up. This process will take a little while since we anticipate several requests. Thank you for your patience. 
    Some questions that you might have?
    What do you need to do with Naviance right now??
    • Explore Naviance to see what tools are available to you as you work towards your college and career search and begin to fill in your profile.
    What do you need to do with Naviance later in the year?
    • Parents will complete a "brag sheet" that will be used by counselors to support our letters of recommendation.
    • Students will continue to identify colleges of interest.