CHS Naviance Login Link

    Check out this Naviance Introduction video from former CHS counselor Ms. Sholomon.

    What is Naviance?
    Naviance is a college & career readiness software suite that provides students, families, and school staff with college and career exploration and planning tools.  It is also the system through which CHS will link your transcripts and letters of recommendation with your college applications.
    Using Naviance, students and parents can create and share resumes as well as their future "game plan," complete interest and personality inventories, compare colleges, search for scholarships, plus receive communication from Student Services.  Students AND parents of students planning to apply to a 4-yr school are asked to complete a "Brag Sheet" around the end of the student's junior year to aid counselors writing recommendations.  After logging in, this survey can be accessed via "About Me > My Surveys," from the student or parent account.
    When Do I Get My Student Naviance Account?
    If you did not use Naviance in Middle School, 9th graders log in and complete the Career Cluster Finder during their Health/PE course by the end of the year.  Students can contact Ms. Brooks or their counselor at any time to request their login credentials.
    When Do I Get My Parent Naviance Account?
    Parents of 11th and 12th graders, if you would like to create a Naviance parent account (that is associated with your student's account), please contact Ms. Brooks, and she will help you get set up. Thank you in advance for your patience, as the process has a few steps, and sometimes these requests come in waves.
    So...How Should I Use Naviance?
    • Students can use Naviance's college exploration and matching tools to get information about colleges of interest and see suggested matches based on anything from the fit of your GPA and test scores, to setting, to size, to diversity, to cost, and more.
    • Students can use Naviance's career exploration tools to get information about careers of interest and see suggested matches based on anything from your strengths, to your interests, to your personality, to your values, and more.
    • Naviance serves as a repository for your student information, which can then easily be transferred to college applications, basically streamlining documentation for the college application process.
    • Students will have "Tasks" and "To-Dos" each year, specific to their grade level.  Please attend to anything "assigned" by a CHS staff member (usually your counselor - some items may be district-assigned and not follow our sequencing)!  For example, of the career and college exploration tools, 9th graders are asked to complete the Career Cluster Finder, 10th graders are asked to complete the Strengths Explorer, 11th graders are asked to complete the Career Interest Profiler and utilize college exploration features, and 12th graders are asked to continue utilizing career and college exploration features.
    College Applications - Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation
    • Applications themselves are not submitted via Naviance.  Applications are completed via Common App, Coalition App, or a school's proprietary electronic or hard copy application system.
    • Rather, Naviance is how CHS will send your transcript and letters of recommendation.
      • YOU MUST COMPLETE A HARD-COPY TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM AVAILABLE IN STUDENT SERVICES in order to have schools added to your Naviance account.
    • For schools you apply to via the Common App, you'll need to match your Naviance and Common App accounts:  after creating your Common App account, completing the Education section, adding at least one school, and signing the FERPA agreement (see previous link - most students waive their rights); Common App Account Matching should then populate in Naviance under "Colleges I'm Applying to."  Colleges you've entered on Common App should be visible and match in Naviance.  Make sure your lists match (Common App vs. Naviance).
      • We recommend that your Common App email is not your Naviance/student email, in case you need to access Common App after graduation.
    • For any schools you apply to not using Common App, you'll still be able to add them in Naviance.
    • Be sure to keep Naviance updated with the status your college application submissions, to avoid any delays or confusion in the processing of your documents.
    • Manage your transcript requests and letters of recommendation under "Colleges > Apply to Colleges."
      • Remember, YOU MUST COMPLETE A HARD-COPY TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM AVAILABLE IN STUDENT SERVICES in order to have schools added to your Naviance account.
      • Be sure to notify teachers that you are requesting they write you a recommendation before you request them through Naviance.
      • If you want a teacher’s rec letter to be sent to a specific school, then you will be able to select the specific school(s).
      • If you have a recommender that is outside of CHS, then you should be able to request their recommendations via Common App, independently of Naviance.  If you have any trouble, please see your counselor.  For other situations (non-CHS recommender, non-Common App school), you can send the letter to the counselor to be uploaded into Naviance. For student privacy, only current employees will have an account with Naviance.
    • Once again, YOU MUST ALSO COMPLETE A HARD-COPY, GREEN TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM AVAILABLE IN STUDENT SERVICES.  Transcripts for college applications are usually $5, while transcripts for scholarship applications are usually free of charge.  If the $5 charge is a burden to your family, please discuss with your counselor.
    • Once the Green Transcript Request Form is completed and turned in, it will be given to the counselor to complete the counselor recommendation portion. Once complete, the counselor will submit all documents to college(s) through Naviance.
    • BE SURE TO SUBMIT REQUESTS FOR TRANSCRIPTS AND TEACHER LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION SEVERAL WEEKS IN ADVANCE.  Due to the high volume of these requests at certain points in the year, we may not be able to fulfill last-minute requests on time.