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    Herff - Jones (Cap and Gowns) will be making a visit to our school for a brief informational meeting on November 16th during lunch in the Gym. I have requested that this be a closed campus day so that all seniors can get this information.  Please save the date and make sure that your are present. 


    College Application FAQs

    Question: What college application should I complete?

    Answer: Create an account with Common App. This is the most used college application source for applying to college. You can visit the site at https://www.commonapp.org/

    If the school is not a Common App School, visit the school’s website and select Apply.


    Question: What is Naviance?

    Answer: Naviance is the college application tool that is use by High Schools to send documents electronically to Colleges and Universities. Every student at CHS has an account that can be activated by the counseling secretary. Parents can also get an account. Please contact Student Services Michelle Brooks - Student Services Assistant 919-918-2200 ext 25999 mbrooks@chccs.k12.nc.us


    Question: Who can I contact about my Naviance Account?

    Answer: Ken Lathan - Senior Counselor 919-918-2200 ext 25722  klathan@chccs.k12.nc.us


    Question: What are the steps to applying to college?

    Answer: The steps are as follows:

      1. Create an account and complete the common application. (The Common App)
      2. Activate your Naviance account; reset your password if you have forgotten it.(Naviance)
      3. Complete the Required Senior Application Packet, Teacher Recommendation Background in Naviance, and  Parent Brag Sheet (Only for parents).
      4. Match your Common App with your Naviance Account and Release the FERPA.  View Link for quick Video Common App/Naviance Matching
      5. Request Teacher Recommendations. Make sure to notify them before you request them through Naviance. View Link for quick Video How to Request Teacher Rec in Naviance  If you want a teacher’s rec letter to be sent to a specific school, then you must FIRST submit your transcript request to Mrs. Brooks so that she can load your schools into Naviance. Once that is complete, you will be able to select the specific schools.
      6. If you have a recommender that is outside of CHS, Per NAVIANCE YOU MUST have the recommender send the letter to the counselor to be uploaded into Naviance. For student privacy, only current employees will have an account with Naviance.
      7. Complete a Green Transcript Request form in Student Services. Return the completed form to Mrs. Brooks for your request to be loaded into Naviance. Each transcript is $5. Scholarship Transcript requests are free of charge.
      8. Once the Green Transcript Request Form is completed and turned in, it will be given to the counselor to complete the counselor recommendation portion. Once complete, the counselor will submit all documents to college(s) through Naviance.
      9. ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF APPLICATION DEADLINES.  The counselor will need 4 weeks advance notice of any application deadlines to complete Counselor Recommendation Letters.