• Graduation Requirements


     Subject Area Credits






    4 English Credits



    English I, II, III, IV


    English I, II, AP English Language, AP English Literature



    4 Mathematics Credits

    4 Mathematics Credits



    Math I, Math II, Math III


    a 4th math course aligned with the student's post high school plans

    Note: At the request of a parent and with counseling provided at the school, the student will be able to opt out of this math sequence; alternative math sequences include Math I and II and two other application-based math courses



    3 Science Credits




    Earth/Environmental Science

    Physical Sciences Course



    4 Social Studies Credits



    World History

    Civics and Economics

    American History I and II OR AP US History and Elective



    1 Physical Education Credit



    9th Grade Healthful Living 



    6 Elective Credits,North Carolina requires at least 6 elective units



    Two electives must be in Career & Technical Education (CTE), Arts Education or World Languages. One elective must be Arts Education or CTE (local requirement).


    It is recommended that all students will complete a four-course concentration focused on student interests and post-secondary goals through a rigorous, in-depth and linked study. Students in an alternative math sequence are required to complete a four-course concentration.


    * See your counselor for more details/information.



    Service Learning



     Students must complete at least 25 hours of volunteer service at approved sites within the community.