CHCCS Requirements for Graduation

    • English - 4 credits
      • English 9/I, English 10/II, English 11/III, English 12/IV
    • Mathematics - 4 credits
      • Math 1, Math 2, Math 3**, 4th Math* or Approved CTE elective
      • *For students who cannot successfully progress to a 4th, higher-level mathematics course, the state of North Carolina permits certain CTE and Math electives to substitute for the 4th Math course.
      • **For students who cannot successfully progress beyond Math 2, the the state of North Carolina permits certain CTE and Math electives to substitute for Math 3 & the 4th Math course.  CHCCS requires students pursuing a Math substitution in this manner to complete an four-credit elective pathway^.
      • If a student has an identified learning disability in the area of mathematics which could prevent mastery of Math 1, then consult with your counselor and EC case manager.  Other options may be available.
    • Science - 3 credits
      • Biology, a Physical Science (Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics), Earth/Environmental Science
    • Social Studies - 4 credits
      • Students entering 9th grade 2020-21 and beyond
        • World History; Civics; American History/US History; and Economics and Personal Finance.
      • Students entering 9th grade between 2014-15 and 2019-20
        • World History; Civics & Economics; at least one of American History I, II, or AP US History; and a fourth social studies course*.
        • *Students who take American History I are strongly encouraged to take American History II as their 4th social studies course.
    • Healthful Living - 1 credit
      • Health/PE
    • Electives - 6 credits
      • At least two credits from across CTE/Arts/World Language
      • At least one credit from CTE or Arts credit, if not met from the above requirement (i.e., if the above requirement is met with World Language)
    • CPR certification
      • Ordinarily completed during 8th grade Health/PE.  Arrangements are made at high schools to ensure students have the opportunity to fulfill this requirement.

CHCCS Requirements for Promotion

    • 9th to 10th: Students must have earned  5 credits, including one credit of English and one credit of social studies.
    • 10th to 11th: Students must have earned 10 credits, including two credits of English, two credits of social studies, one credit of math, and one credit of science.
    • 11th to 12th: Students must have earned 14 credits, including three credits of English, three credits of social studies, two credits of math, and two credits of science.

    Certain Newcomer ESL students and Occupational Course of Study (OCS) students may be exempted from these usual promotion requirements.

Minimum College Admissions Requirements

  • You can view the UNC-system's admission requirements for 4-yr schools here. These are good guidelines for most 4-yr schools, but you should verify each school's requirements on their own website.

    Generally speaking, your high school diploma from CHS will fulfill all minimum required coursework for 4-yr schools, as long as you complete a higher-level 4th math course (and, for many 4-yr schools, two units of a foreign language).  Of course, there are also GPA and testing requirements at many 4-yr schools, and fulfilling the minimum requirements is not the same as being competitive for admissions.

    Generally, 2-yr schools like community colleges only require a high school diploma for admission.

Athletics & Driver's Ed Eligibility

  • All Rising 9th grade students are eligible to participate in athletics first semester, S1, of their freshman year. After that, all eligibility will be based upon the previous semester's grades. High School athletics academic eligibility requirements are below. The Driving Eligibility Certificate required for students to get their Learner's Permit follows the same requirements.

    • Currently enrolled in at least four courses (could be three + Study Period).
    • Passed at least five courses (Study Period doesn't count) the previous semester.
    • Met local promotion requirements for the school year.

NCAA Eligibility Center

  • College athletics have their own eligibility requirements, separate from college admissions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with NCAA information and resources early on. This Initial Eligibility flyer is a good summary of minimum eligibility requirements. You can create a Profile Page account whenever, and you should create or transition to an  Academic and Amateurism Certification account 10th-12th grades, if you are being actively recruited.

Senior Privileges

  • Senior Open Lunch and Free Periods are privileges, dependent upon grades and behavior. Requirements may change from year-to-year.