• Students interested in becoming library assistants need to have all of the requisite steps (with the exception of the in-person shelving challenge) completed by December 1st. 

    Fill out the form below if you'd like to become a library assistant. This form will help us make decisions, but we will assign tasks based on library needs above all other things. 

  • Requirements for New Library Assistants

    New library assistants need to complete the online shelving game and then complete an in-person shelving challenge before watching the full video. 

    Order of events before becoming a pass-carrying library assistant:

    1. Complete the online shelving game. Ace all three levels of the Dewey and Fiction challenges.
    2. Show either librarian evidence of having successfully completed Level 3 of the Dewey and Fiction challenges in one of the following ways:
      1. Take a screenshot of each and email one of us.
        • On a Chromebook, hold down Control & "Shift Window" (this is the button with the rectangle above the 6 + 7 buttons)
        • On a Desktop, click Print Screen
        • On a Mac, click Shift + Command + 4
      2. Print out the screen.
    3. Complete the video quiz. Scroll down to find the video quiz.
    4. Complete an in-person shelving challenge. This will be scheduled via email, so please be sure to check your email regularly.

    Click here to access the online shelving game.

    Please note the following change: The in-person shelving challenge will only be required for students who need additional support in understanding shelving standards. 


    Requirements for Returning Library Assistants

    1. View the library assistant updates video. This video contains important updates that you'll be required to know well.
    2. Complete the quiz with a high score. (You'll have a chance to make it up if need be.)


    Video Quiz


    • You are a returning library assistant who has filled out the Google Form.
    • You are a new library assistant who has filled out the Google Form and completed the online shelving game. (You can complete the in-person shelving challenge afterward.)

    In order to complete the video and quiz, you must join the EdPuzzle classroom. 

    You'll have to answer questions while watching the video, but don't worry - the video will pause for you to answer the questions. 

    Click here to join the classroom and complete the video quiz! We're going to try this platform because of the seamless integration between video and questions. Here's the code: pusunit