Family Engagement Summit "Realizing and Cultivating Potential"

  • Family Engagement Summit Sessions

    "Realizing and Cultivating Potential"


    Let’s talk about About Safe Schools (All)

    Scarlett Steinert, Director School Safety

    There are many facets of school safety, lets come together and talk about how we can work to make safe schools for all kids.   We will have an open conversation about school safety, learn about community partners and discuss drills and school safety procedures.  

    Anxiety (Elementary)

    Anxiety is a normal part of life for parents as well as students. In this session, we will discuss ways to recognize and reduce anxiety so that our children can thrive in both social and academic situations.



    Natalie Wood Riche, (All)

    NC Department of Justice

    This session will focus on topics around cyber safety such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, responsible use of photos on social media, and school district policies on students bring devices to school. This session is geared towards parents of children in all grades.


    EL Newcomers

    Helen Atkins, Coordinator EL/Dual Language (All)

    This session is for newcomer parents to help them navigate the ins and outs of the school (and district). There will be translations in Spanish and Karen Burmese.


    High School/Real World

    Dr. Sheldon Lanier, DPS Principal (High School)

    Nurturing Gifted Characteristics (first session only) (All)

    Dr. Joy Lawson Davis,

    Participants will learn effective parenting strategies to improve relationships with their high potential children and for building successful partnerships with teachers, counselors and other school personnel. Unique challenges of raising high achieving students will be emphasized.

    Resilience     (Middle, High)

    Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from a setback - strength and toughness. How can we best nurture this in our students?  Come examine this question with us and learn facts as well as techniques that will help strengthen our students for their future success.



    Stuck in the Middle- The Middle School Years (Middle)

    Sarah Morales, CHCCS Middle School Counselor

    This session will discuss the challenges of raising preteens and strategies to help them become successful, independent teenagers. This session is targeted toward upper elementary and beginning middle schoolers. Organization, academics and personal social.navigating friendships and relationships


    Igniting a Passion for Learning      (Preschool & Elementary)

    Melissa Breaden, Pre-K Family Services Manager & School Social Worker

    The passion for learning begins early and then lasts a lifetime!  Tips on how to support your child's love of learning beginning in the early preschool years and create a strong foundation for success throughout their school years.  


    Raising My Rainbow-LGBTQ Parents (All)

    Join us for an open conversation with other parents of students who are identifying as LGBT, Questioning or somewhere in between.  Learn how you can most effectively support your children and advocate for them in school as well as at home.


    Reading Strategies (Elementary)

    Alma Berg, Carolyn Sirera

    Title I Interventionists

    Our goal is to facilitate an interactive approach to partnering with parents and other adult family members to inspire the love of reading in children. Components of this session will include resources and activities aimed at promoting literacy in the elementary aged child.


    Everyday Math at Home (Elementary)

    Maureen Valente, Title I Interventionist

    Parents will learn the importance of students mastering their basic math facts. Parents will understand the importance of students understanding place value.The goal of this session will be to provide families with strategies for applying math concepts into everyday situations at home. Parents will receive takeaways to use with their child at home.


    Unleash your Child's Passion Using CTE (Middle, High)

    Kathi Brewer, Director CTE

    The Career and Technical Education (CTE) department will help cultivate a student's career passion

    by providing exposure to various careers, industry credentials, internships, competitions, college credit for free, and much more.

    Join our session to discover how CTE can assist students in being future ready.


    Understanding Powerschool

    Darren Bell, CHCCS Program Manager (Middle)

    During the session the parent will learn:

    • The importance of using PowerSchool to support your student(s)
    • Where to find the site and app
    • How to navigate the PS site and app
    • Set up their PS account

    PowerSchool is what the teachers use to communicate grades to students.


    Walking Through the Assessments (Elementary)  

    Dr. Emily Bivins, CHCCS Principal

    An overview of K-5 assessments from the state and school district will provide parents with a clear understanding of the following tools, what skills they assess and how teachers use them to guide instruction. Parent reports from each of these assessments will be reviewed:

    MCLASS/F & P- Dibels, IDEL, TRC

    I-Ready Math K-2


    Benchmarks 3-5