• Library information

    Library Scheduling:

    The McDougle Elementary School Library works under a "flexible access" schedule, which allows students to visit the library any time their teachers allow them to (classroom instruction permitting) throughout the course of the day.  This schedule increases access to the library (as opposed to a once-a-week fixed schedule) and allows students to take charge of their own reading.  Despite the recent elimination of the media assistant position and the reduction of guaranteed open hours, the library still stands behind flexible access and encourages students to come down to the library as often as the schedule allows. 

    Checkout Policies:
    -Books are checked out for three weeks at a time
    -We do not charge late fees, but students cannot check out another book until they turn in their overdue books. 
    -Second through fifth grade students can check out three books at a time
    -First grade students can check out two books at a time
    -Kindergartners can check out one book at a time
    -A patron can only check out one book in a series or on a subject at a time (as well as one graphic novel at a time).  This is to maximize the number of students who can check out a particular series. 

    The McDougle Elementary library opens at 7:25, when students are allowed in the building, and closes officially at 2:30.  The library will be open during the school day as Mr. Smith's teaching schedule allows. 
    The McDougle Library is happy to share space with the Carrboro Public Library.  If your student has a public library card, they can use it after 3:30 when the public library opens.  During school hours, they can use their student account.