Service Learning Guidelines

    1. Service Learning Hours must be completed at an approved 501c3 non-profit agency listed in (Exception: Assisted-living facilities and convalescent/nursing homes).

    2. Service Learning Hours must be entered and approved within the current academic school year.

    3. Service Hours can only be approved by the adult supervisor at the agency. Family members and students may not sign off as a supervisor.

    4. Activities for which students are personally compensated or which are required as a form of restitution, cannot be counted toward the Service Learning Hours. Compensation includes all forms of payment (money, discounts, items, grades, privileges, honor awards, etc.).

    5. Students will not receive Service Learning Hours for camps, classes, or any organizations that charge a fee or tuition for the volunteer to participate.

    6. Hours will be approved for service only. Hours will not be approved for donations, such as contributions of funds or other items.

    7. Students can participate in a fund-raising event for a non-profit organization, however, soliciting for donations, selling items, running/walking/swimming/biking, etc. to raise money, will not be approved.

    8. Nonpartisan political activities will count toward service hours.  Activities that promote specific candidates or political parties, or are affiliated with a specific political agenda, will not count for service hours.

    9. Religious and faith-based hours may be approved if they are completed with outreach projects which benefit members of the greater community.  Activities may not be completed in conjunction with any worship service, religious activity, or teaching of faith associated with the organization.