• After a crisis of any scale, staff and students will need immediate support. As those impacted return to learning and teaching, the district will evaluate the systems and processes to reduce likelihood of a similar future threat.

    Recovery efforts include:

    • Provide a caring and supportive school environment:
      • Plan for recovery in the preparedness phase, designating roles and responsibilities of staff
      • Return to learning as soon as possible
      • Keep students, families, staff, and media informed
      • Assess the emotional needs of staff and arrange appropriate care
      • Provide stress management opportunities during class time to allow students to talk about what they felt and experienced
      • Conduct debriefings
      • Take appropriate time for recovery
      • Assess the need for building repairs, if any
      • Evaluate our recovery efforts, with an eye toward enhancing future recovery efforts
    • Employee Assistance Program with counseling support
    • Collaborative relationships with community service providers
    • Communications tools and protocols