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  • College Admissions Testing

    Most colleges require students to submit standardized admissions test scores as part of the application process. You may elect to take the SAT and/or ACT. While most colleges will accept either set of scores, a few colleges do have a preference for one test over the other.  Be sure to carefully check the admissions criteria of any college/university to which you plan to apply. Information on how to register can be found in the CIC, or by clicking on the links below. Generally, both tests require that you register online.

    Some schools require SAT subject tests for placement in classes once you have been accepted. Some also require these tests for admission. You should check with the colleges you are interested in for specific requirements.

    When registering, you will need the CHHS CEEB code. Our code is 340645.


    SAT Information

    Register for the SAT

    Update: As of 1/11/21, CHHS will not be hosting  


    More Resources
    SAT Test Day Checklist: What should I bring? What is not allowed in the test room?

    SAT Photo Download Requirements: Some students are turned away on test day because the photo they downloaded on their admissions ticket does not meet the requirements. Don't let this happen to you! The most common rejections are: other people or animals in your photo, sunglasses, cropped head, shadowy/blurry photo, and/or unauthorized headgear.


    ACT Information

    Register for the ACT
    The ACT is given to all Juniors in March for free. If you want to pay to take it another time, use this link. Administered at East Chapel Hill High School

    Preparing for the ACT: Several preparation resources are available for free - click on the button below to check them out!


    Free ACT Prep Resources

    Test Geek


    Sending Scores to Colleges and/or Universities

    Colleges/universities must receive an official copy of your test scores (SAT or ACT). Official test scores, must be sent directly to the college from the College Board office for the SAT or the American College Testing Office for the ACT.

    The Student Services Office does not send any test scores to college or universities.


    PSAT and PLAN
    The PSAT and PreACT are both college admissions 'pre-tests' designed to provide all students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format of college admissions tests.

    All Juniors will take the PSAT (pre-SAT) in October. All Juniors are automatically registered for this test administration. No fee is required. Results will be available in December/January.

    • For help in understanding PSAT results, go to My College QuickStart. You will need the access code that is printed on your PSAT results.
    • Juniors with a cumulative score that falls within a select national percentile (as determined by the College Board) will be invited during the Fall of their senior year to participate in the National Merit Scholarship application process.

    All Sophomores will take the PreACT in October. All Sophomores are automatically registered for this test administration. No fee is required. Results will be available in December/January.

    - For help in interpreting PreACT results, click on the PreACT interpretation page.

    The following courses are offered by independent community businesses and vendors. Associated costs vary.



    At Chegg Test Prep, students can get instant access to hundreds of expert SAT, ACT, and GRE test prep guides. One of their most popular guides to date is the top 50 strategies for SAT test day article.
    SAT Test Prep:
    ACT Test Prep:

    Moore's Test Prep
    105 Market St
    Chapel Hill, NC 25716
    (919) 452-8657

    SAT Prep
    Newbell, Ltd.
    Classes each semester, various times and locations.

    The Princeton Review
    1525 E. Franklin St .
    Chapel Hill , NC 27514
    919-967-7209 1-800-2REVIEW

    308 W. Rosemary St., Suite 103
    Chapel Hill , NC 27514
    919-960-4600 1-800-KAP-TEST

    Clinical Teaching
    1829 E. Franklin St., Suite 100B
    Franklin Square
    Chapel Hill , NC 27514

    Prep Factory

    Free ACT + SAT prep

    Class Half Full – Personal Learning Solutions


    Hill Center SAT Prep
    3200 Pickett Rd.
    Durham , NC 27705
    919-489-7465 ext. 783

    Math/Statistics/SAT Tutoring
    Vidya Goli
    Bill Garrity
    917-701-5558 (cell)

    Huntington Learning Center
    Tutoring in individual subjects and SAT/PSAT Prep
    6114 Fayetteville Road, Suite 101
    Durham , NC 27713
    919-806-2911, 1-800-CAN-LEARN

    Parliament Tutors
    David Greenberg, Tutor

    Sylvan Learning Center
    3200 Croasdaile Dr., Suite 302
    Durham , NC 27705

    Learning Strategies Unlimited
    Small group and individual prep
    SAT Prep for LD Students
    218 Robert Hunt Dr .
    Carrboro , NC 27510

    ColPrep Tutoring
    SAT - Private and Small Group Sessions
    (919) 929-3537 : email : website