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    Enrollment Guidelines


    The following procedures apply to enrollment in NCVPS courses for CHCCS Students.  Students are considered "high school" beginning with the summer prior to beginning 9th grade.

    • High school students may enroll in NCVPS courses only under the following conditions: 
      • the course is not offered in the district’s curriculum;
      • or the course is offered in the district’s curriculum, but not at a student’s school;
      • or there is a scheduling conflict. Scheduling conflicts are defined as any conflict that prevents a student from graduating on time or prevents a student from being promoted to the next grade level.


    The following parameters apply to the overall number of courses high schools students may enroll during the year:

    • High school students shall not enroll in more than eight (8) courses during the regular instructional year, including NCVPS courses, courses taken on-campus, independent study, online courses by third-party providers, dual enrollment courses and/or courses during the summer academic session.

    To sign up for an NCVPS class for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete this form.


    Please visit( WWW.NCVPS.ORG )for course offerings, descriptions and instructional calendars.