Schedule Changes

  • Starting on the first day of school, students may request a change to their course schedule by completing a Schedule Change Request Form in the Counseling Office.  
    Students requesting a schedule change after Day 4 of the school year must use the process outlined below:

    1) Student and/or parents will contact their counselor regarding the request to change a class schedule.


    2) A parent/teacher conference involving the student, parent, counselor, and teacher may be organized to discuss the situation and investigate interventions to support the student's success in the course.


    3) If there are still concerns once interventions have been implemented for a reasonable period of time, then the course change request will be reviewed by the student's assistant principal.  The assistant principal will render a schedule change decision.


    4) If there are still concerns or dissatisfaction after the decision from the assistant principal, then the student and/or parents will be directed to meet with the principal for a schedule change decision.

    The end of 1st Quarter is the deadline for all schedule change requests.