• Info for Sophomore Students and Parents

    As you settle into the high school experience, sophomore year is a great time to engage in opportunities to assist in discovering personal preferences regarding potential college and career options. Explore your career options in more detail - research possible careers to learn about the tasks, education, and training necessary for each occupation. Stay involved with your extracurricular activities (or begin new ones) and work towards leadership positions in the activities you like best. Consider involvement in community service/volunteer activities and explore summer enrichment opportunities.

    Refer to the Sophomore Year Timeline (bottom of screen) for a monthly to-do list regarding college/career preparation for this year.

    Additional college/career planning resources are available on the High School Planning Guide.

    All sophomores will take the PreACT in October. The PreACT is a practice version of the ACT designed to provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format of college admissions tests. All sophomores are automatically registered for this test administration. No fee is required. Results will be available in December/January.

    - For help in interpreting PreACT results, click on the PreACT interpretation page.