CHCCS Teacher Support


    The Beginning Teacher Support Program

    The Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) is a state-mandated, three-year induction program for beginning teachers. The induction program provides a systematic structure of support for beginning teachers for the first three years of their careers so that they can: 

    • meet the state’s professional teaching standards.

    • impact learning of all students in distinguished ways.

    • remain in the profession and grow within it.


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    Visual of beginning teacher activities.


    Novice Teacher Orientation

    A three-day paid orientation is provided for all first-year teachers prior to the opening of school. This program engages novice teachers with district staff and resources as they acclimate to their roles. In addition to receiving information on district and state policies related to the Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP), professional learning is provided in instruction, family engagement, working with diverse learners, the MTSS process, and developing equity-centered classrooms. Designed to give novice teachers a "head start" on the first year of teaching, novice teachers receive three days of additional pay for their participation when those days happen outside of teacher workdays.


    New Teacher Orientation

    All newly employed teachers participate in new hire orientation. 


    Beginning Teacher Professional Learning 

    Beginning teachers engage in ongoing professional learning opportunities and support groups each month, focusing on issues/topics of significance to those new to the profession. Professional development is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of teachers in their first three years, growing capacity in classroom leadership, equity, pedagogical practices, and differentiation.  With an important emphasis on mental health, self-care workshops, and social events are an essential component of the program.  


    Mentoring Program

    The district offers a strong mentoring program with one-on-one mentors provided for all beginning teachers (those in their first three years of teaching). To be eligible to serve as mentors, teachers must hold a Continuing Professional License (CPL) and have successfully completed mentor training. 


    Specialized Teacher Support

    At the request of the school administration, District Lead Mentors can provide support to experienced teachers in a variety of areas including classroom leadership, equity, pedagogical practices, and differentiation.


    Support for National Board Certification

    The district hosts an annual National Board Certification information session for experienced teachers who are interested in seeking their initial National Board Certification. Educators who are considering the journey toward National Board Certification can learn more about this prestigious certification process at and at  


    TA to Teach

    The district's TA 2 Teach program provides Elementary and EC Teacher Assistants the opportunity to pursue their teaching license through a partnership with Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and North Carolina Central University. In order to be eligible, participants must have at least 60 college credits (or an Associate's Degree) along with a 2.7 college GPA. Once accepted, participants take classes preparing them for an Elementary Teacher or EC Teacher license. Upon completion, participants commit to teaching in the district for at least four years. All costs associated with the university (tuition, fees, and books) are paid for by the school district. Recent participants include:

    Cohort 3                                                                                    Cohort 4

    • Tashira Brown, Morris Grove Elementary                                • Aiderling Antequera-Cardenas, Frank Porter Graham Elementary

    • Tiffany Ennis, Northside Elementary                                        Hope Carter-Jones, McDougle Middle 

    • Markeith Gary, Culbreth Middle                                                • Sarina Davis, McDougle Elementary

    • Tanisha Hinton, Morris Grove Elementary                               • Ciara Johnson, Frank Porter Graham Elementary

    Alyssa Kolange, Northside Elementary                                    • Kristina Joyce, Northside Elementary

    • Wendy Odea, Scroggs Elementary                                           • Cody Platt, Estes Hills Elementary

    • Adriana Rueda, Frank Porter Graham Elementary                    Yi Sun, Glenwood Elementary

    Madeleine Salazar, Rashkis Elementary                                   • Natasha Taylor-Cross, Scroggs Elementary

    • Miriam Saavedra Gonzalez, Ephesus Elementary                    • Marisa Wise, Scroggs Elementary

    • Dominique Sloan, Seawell Elementary

    • Chelsea Washington, Northside Elementary

    • Courtney Wilkos, Rashkis Elementary