CHCCS Teacher Support

  • Novice Teacher Orientation

    A three day paid orientation is provided for all first-year teachers prior to the opening of school. This program engages novice teachers with district staff and resources as they acclimate to their roles, providing professional learning in instruction, family engagement, diverse learners, MTSS, and growing equity centered classrooms.  Designed to give novice teachers a "head start" on the first year of teaching, novice teachers receive 3 days of additional pay for their participation.

    New Teacher Orientation

    All newly employed teachers participate in a half-day district orientation. Experienced teachers have the option of participating in a district-wide support group for newly employed, experienced teachers.

    Beginning Teacher Professional Learning 

    Beginning teachers engage in ongoing professional learning opportunities and support groups each month,  focusing on issues/topics of significance to those new to the profession. Professional development is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of teachers in their first 3 years, growing capacity in classroom leadership, equity, pedagogical practices, and differentiation.  With an important emphasis on mental health, self-care workshops and social events are an essential component of the program.  

    Mentoring Program

    The district offers a strong mentoring program with one-on-one mentors provided for all initially licensed teachers for the first 3 years of teaching. Mentors must participate in a mentor training program.

    Peer Assistance and Consulting Program

    In addition to the traditional mentoring program, the district also offers a Peer Assistance & Consulting Program which provides two experienced teachers to work one on one with both beginning and experienced teachers requesting additional support.

    Support for National Board Certification

    Experienced teachers seeking National Board Certification may choose from several support options including school-based support groups, mentoring, and targeted help sessions.