Our Employee Salaries


    Employee Salaries

    Teacher salaries are based on the North Carolina Public School Salary Schedule.  Other employee salary schedules are developed in accordance with NC Department of Public Instruction's salary ranges.  Licensure, degrees, and experience determine placement on the schedule.  In addition to these salaries, local supplements are provided for Certified and Classified employees based on years of service.  This local supplement is included in the employee's paycheck.  The local supplement schedules are posted in the tables below.

Classified Local Supplement (based on years in CHCCS)

Years of Experience Percent Paid on Base Salary
0 No supplement
1-3 5.50%
4-8 6.50%
9-13 7.50%
14-18 8.50%
19+ 9.50%

Teacher Local Supplement

Years of Experience Percent Paid on Base Salary
0-19 18%
20-24 22%
25+ 27%
Additional 2% supplement if assigned to the area of Exceptional Children

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