Student/Parent Agreement & Appeals Process

  • Student/Parent Agreement

    Please review the following regarding Credit by Demonstrated Mastery:

    • CDM is a two-phase assessment system. 
    • Students will still be required to satisfy NCAA division specific core course requirements if they intend to play college athletics. Please note that because North Carolina's CDM procedure does not assign a final letter grade, CDM courses would not be used in the initial-eligibility process.
    • Phase I will include an examination to establish mastery of the foundational skills and content the course requires. Specifically:
      • The student must earn a minimum of 90% (or a Level 3 on a math assessment) on the local exam to continue with the CDM process or a Level V scale score on the appropriate state assessment (EOC).
      • The student has one attempt at the exam.
      • Prior to the exam, the student may review the content standards for the course subject area to earn CDM for the course.
      • If the student earns the appropriate score, he or she will move to Phase II. If not, the student will not have the opportunity to earn CDM for the course.
    • In Phase II, the student will take an additional assessment that reflects a deeper understanding of the content standards, including the ability to apply skills and knowledge expected at the end of the course. 
    • The student must earn a minimum of 90% (or a Level 3 on a math assessment) on the local exam to earn a CDM credit. 
    • The CDM Review Panel will decide whether the student earns CDM. If the student is successful he or she will earn a "CDM" on their transcript toward graduation. No grade or quality points will be granted and the "CDM" will not be included in their GPA. An unsuccessful attempt at CDM will not be recorded on the transcript.
    • Students who are unsuccessful after one attempt must register for and complete the course to receive credit.
    • Students are required to meet with their counselor to discuss the process and long-term implications of gaining credit through the CDM process.
    • The student and the parent/guardian will be allowed to file for an appeal of the outcome of Phase II of the process if they do not agree with the decision of the team. Students must score higher than 75% (or a 2.75 on a Math assessment) on the Phase II assessment to be eligible for an appeal. The appeal must be made within 10 school days from the date the student and parent/guardian receive the outcome notification. (Revised 4.24.23)