• The Social Justice Academy at East Chapel Hill High School

    The Social Justice Academy at East Chapel High School is a Humanities-based interdisciplinary program that seeks to examine the world in which live from a “ground-up” rather than “top-down” perspective. In particular, greater emphasis is placed on identifying and analyzing patterns of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, age, health, religious, political and criminal, economic, environmental, and human rights based discriminations present in and practiced by institutions (both formal and informal) against individuals and groups in societies over time to enable students to recognize and respond to the inequitable nature of, and injustices that continue to persist in, today’s world. 

    Furthermore, by applying the lenses of tolerance, fairness, and equality to the texts and topics we study, students, consistent with the Academy’s principles, can further begin to instill within themselves a life long commitment to becoming responsible, caring, open-minded citizens devoted to promoting social justice within their communities. To achieve these ends, the Academy’s mission is three-fold: to promote 1) a collaborative community (in course work and curriculum) among students and teachers, 2) experiential learning, and 3) service to others.