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School Counselor Role/Services

  • We offer a variety of services to our students at Smith Middle School, and they can be broken down into Direct vs. Indirect.

Direct Services

  • Direct services are in-person interactions between school counselors and students and include the following:

    • Individual counseling
    • Group counseling
    • Classroom guidance
    • Individual student planning via scheduling and registration 
    • Responsive services
    • Crisis response
    • Peer Mediation/conflict resolution
    • Parent/teacher consultation

Indirect Services

  • Indirect services are provided on behalf of students as a result of the school counselors’ interactions with others.  These services include:

    • Scheduling
    • Collaboration with staff and parents
    • Making referrals
    • Planning and implementing school-wide programs
    • Community outreach
    • Participating on school committees

ASCA and Guidance Essential Standards

Confidentiality Agreement

  • School counselors have confidentiality with their students, which means that anything a student discusses in our sessions will not be shared with others.  School counselors always gain permission from students before sharing confidential information.  

    School counselors are legally required to share confidential information with others when:

    • Students engage in behavior that presents clear and imminent danger to themselves or others
    • The counselor suspects child abuse or neglect
    • The court requires them to do so
    When legally required to share, we only reveal essential information.