Global Connections: What Is It?

  • Since 2001, Smith Middle School has been celebrating world cultures through a series of Global Connections events.
    • Global Connections Assembly (November 15, 2019): Students lead a flag processional and perform traditional music, dance, or spoken word during school.
    • Global Connections Day (November 21, 2019: 8 AM - 3:20 PM): Students are encouraged to dress in clothes that show their connection to a country/region in the world.  This could be cultural attire, a t-shirt from a trip, a sports jersey, etc.
    • Global Connections Night (November 21, 2019: 5:30-8 PM): The halls of Smith explode with cultural exhibits created by students, staff, and community members, giving attendees a night to discover music, food, and traditions from around the world.  Student and staff cultural performances are 5:45-6:30 and 7:00-7:45 in the auditorium.
    • Cyclone Pride Day (November 22, 2019): Students are encouraged to wear Smith attire as a show of Cyclone pride!

    If you would like to volunteer during Global Connections Night this year, please fill out the Global Connections Participation Form or email Danka Kulikowski (

Flyer for Global Connections
  • Thank you to 7th grader, Aashna Mudaliar, for this year’s Global Connections logo! 

Global Connections: Why We Do This

  • 8th grader Arul Nagarajan explained the purpose of Global Connections this way:

    "Each person has their own light; for their cultures, for their beliefs, and for their uniqueness. In the end, all of our lights ignite the world with the flame of acceptance and equality. Where do we start? With Each Other. When we take the time to explore people's cultures and their lights, we are allowing ourselves to be more open to everybody as well as being open to exploring who we all really are."

    Let's follow Arul to Global Connections! On November 21, 5:30-8:00 PM, we invite you to embrace the beauty of our diverse world, marvel at the talent and courage of our youngsters on stage, and ignite that flame of acceptance Arul so aptly described. For several weeks, students and teachers have spent many hours preparing for this event. 6th-8th graders have been rehearsing for the flag ceremony and cultural performances after school. 8th graders, Gabe Waterhouse and Tyler Roe, produced a video to help students understand how to appreciate each other’s cultures, and world language students are preparing to surprise you will awesome food in their respective cafes. The cafeteria will be transformed into an international dining establishment; be sure to bring cash for the $5 and $8 plates from Hunam Chinese Restaurant, Jamaica Jamaica, International Palace, and Big Belly Que (NC BBQ)!

    Delight in tasting new food, express yourself through the rhythms of African dance, embrace our planet, learn about the impact of war from two WWII veterans, ... and so much more! We need you to make Smith Middle School’s 19th annual Global Connections event complete. 

    “Where shall we start?  With Each Other."