• Checkout FAQ

    How many items can I check out at a time?

    3 physical books

    3 ebooks

    Are there any limits on checking out materials? 

    You can keep your items for three weeks! You can also renew your books if no one else has requested them. 

    Do you have digital titles?

    Yes! We have a selection of ebooks and audiobooks in our library catalog. A resource list will be added soon. 

    Do you charge late fines?

    No, but please return items on time!

    What if I lose or damage an item? 

    We ask that you pay for a replacement if you lose or damage something. 

    You may pay the library directly and get a receipt.
    You may work in the library for a certain amount of time, depending on the value of the item lost or damaged. See the Ms. Parks for details.  

  • Mustang PRIDE in the Library

    Be Prepared

    Have a pass from your teacher.
    Keep up with your belongings.
    Be aware of your schedule.

    Be Respectful

    Listen and follow directions
    Return materials when they are due.
    Clean up around you.
    Keep food and drink outside the library.

    Be Inquisitive

    Ask questions.
    Try something new.
    Make something!

    Be Determined

    Stay focused on your task.
    Don't give up on something challenging.

    Be Engaged

    Be on time.
    Help those around you.
    Participate in discussions and activities.

Last Modified on September 8, 2020