• Wonder Connection is a one-of-a-kind outreach program from the North Carolina Botanical Garden that provides pediatric patients with a connection to the natural world via hands-on natural science activities.  The natural science activities and lessons are designed to be hands-on, interactive and patient-centered.

    Wonder Connection is funded by grants and donations and provides Weekly Hands-on Science Classes for hospital school students in the psychiatric unit and & one-on-one Visits for hospital school students in the pediatric hospital.  

    Activities encompass a variety of hands-on and creative projects and include individual sessions as well as groups of up to 10 kids/teenagers. Topics include NC Mammal Tracks & Skulls, Microscopes, Film Canister Rockets, and the Human Cardiovascular System.  We serve patients four days each week.


     You can find more information about Wonder Connection at www.wonderconnection.org.