• Library Page Setup

    I can't believe we're facing this situation. I'm glad we're taking these precautions, but I do miss the library and your energy. In order to support all learning and creative pursuits but not overwhelm with all the resources out there, I've decided to quickly reset the library page. Click here to watch a video that explains how to navigate the website.  


    Along the side, you'll see 5 options with 5-6 curated links and a living Deep Dive document with additional resources: 

    • Read - eBooks, audiobooks, webcomics, resources to find good books
    • Research - all of your informational needs
    • Write - tools to help you write
    • Create - Code, tinker, design, draw!
    • Share - ways for you to share your creative pursuits, book talks, book recommendations, etc. 

Choose Your Next Read

Click the icon for the genre or topic you'd like to explore, then click a book title that is of interest to you. You'll be taken to that book's Goodreads page to learn more about it.

Library Updates

  • Summer contact

    Via Email 

    It's summer break, but this librarian (and most other CHCCS librarians) will continue to plot and plan for an exciting 2020-2021 school year. If you have any questions about books or programming, feel free to email me at ggrana@chccs.k12.nc.us  

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  • Student Club form

    The student club form will be open again for a limited time, due to some renewed interest. 

    Click here to access the club form. 

    Please remember that any club you apply for should "fit" in the library. For instance, you can't form a social club, or a club that plays computer games. 

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  • Harry Potter Week Planning

    It's time to start planning for Harry Potter Week! 

    Click here to access the Google Form to fill out your ideas to make this year the best year yet!

    Additionally, please join the following Google Classroom so you can help shape the events as they come along: wimjakx

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  • LitCon Bookmark Voting

    It's time to vote for your favorite bookmark designs! Students submitted beautiful, carefully-crafted, created bookmark designs and now it's time for you to vote on your favorites.

    Choose your top 3 favorite designs - the winners will have copies made for school-wide distribution. The originals will remain on display as works of art in the library. 

    You must be signed in to your school Google account to vote. 

    Click here to access the Google form for voting.

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  • Do you want to create a student club? Follow this link to the Student Clubs landing page. Here you'll learn what it takes to form a club that meets in the library during lunch and recess time on Tuesdays. 

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  • Look below to find our Instagram feed! Follow the library @smithmsmc to see student work get book updates!

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