• Welcome to the Glenwood Elementary School Library Media Center, also known as The Hub!



    The Glenwood Elementary School (GES) Library Media Center supports and enhances the school's curriculum by establishing a learning environment that facilitates access to resources and services that addresses the learning styles and needs of all members within the learning community. Our goal is to have literature and resources that foster equity and diversity. 
    GES library media center operates on a comprehensive 21st Century library media program with an open flexible schedule that encourages student and staff usage throughout the day. This flexible access model promotes equitable usage of physical and virtual library resources with collaboration among all teachers and staff to design, implement and evaluate inquiry and project-based lessons.

    You may ask, "How many books may I check out at one time?" 

    Kindergarten = 1 book through January; 2 books from January until the end of the school year.  Please note:  All kindergarten students will start the year checking out one book per visit.  In January, students will be able to check out a total of 2 books.

    1st and 2nd Grade = 2 books 

    3rd = 3 books

    4th Grade = 4 books

    5th Grade = 5 books

    Please keep in mind that all students may come more than one time per day and throughout the week! Book circulation begins at 7:25 and ends at 2:15 pm.