Automated Phone Calls and Emails

  • blackboard connect logo Blackboard-Connect is the district's automated telephone calling and emailing system. Both the district and the schools use Blackboard-Connect to send out community event reminders, important parent and staff messages, attendance notifications, and emergency communications.



FAQ Automated Phone Calls and Emails

  • Subscribing to Blackboard-Connect

    Parents are automatically subscribed to Blackboard-Connect when they give contact information to the schools that their children attend. Only parents of enrolled students and district employees can be subscribed to the system.

    I need to change my phone number or email address

    Parents wishing to change their contact information in the system should contact the school directly. The Data Manager at the school will update your contact details in our student information system. Contact your Data Manager. 

    I only want to receive emails, not calls

    Unfortunately, we cannot route specific message types to you. Parents can opt to be removed from the system altogether, but no calls or emails, including emergency communications, will be delivered.

    I've moved, or I don't have any children in the district and I want to stop receiving calls

    You can request to have your contact information removed from Blackboard-Connect by filling out the form on this page.

    I accidentally opted out of CHCCS phone calls.

    Accidentally opted out of CHCCS phone calls? If so, please call 855-502-7867 and select Option 2. Requests must be made from the phone number wanting to opt back in. Thank you.