Checkout Procedures: Students

    Reference materials check out over night. The fine for a late item is $0.25/day. 

    Other materials check out for 2 weeks, and the fine for a late item is $0.05/day
  • For Students

    The library supports students by helping students find the materials they need, offering book suggestions, providing computer and research instruction, and assisting with copying and printing. 
    Students can buy the following materials at the library desk:
    Poster board $0.50
    Construction paper $0.05
    Transparencies $0.25
    Copies are $0.10 per page.  
    Students are welcome to borrow glue, rulers, markers, crayons, scissors, colored pencils, expo (dry erase) markers, and pencils.

    For Teachers

    The library assists teachers by planning collaborative lessons, pulling materials, allowing class use of computers, providing reference services and giving access to our office supplies and equipment (paper cutter, scissors, printers, copier, etc.).  

    Of course, all of our books, videos and DVDs, magazines, databases, and prints are available for use in your classroom and while lesson planning as well.

  • Checkout Procedures: Teachers

    All materials check out until the end of the school year 
    June 05, 2019.