School Improvement Plans (SIP) Overview

  • Each school in CHCCS has a School Improvement Team (SIT), the purpose of which is to develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) to strengthen student performance. SITs may address issues directly or indirectly related to instruction, student performance, and the school environment.

    Membership in a CHCCS School Improvement Team, as defined in CHCCS Policy, includes the principal, representatives of the school’s leadership team, instructional staff, support staff, and parents of students enrolled in the school (a minimum of 2-4 parents serve on each school's SIT depending on the level - elementary, middle or high). During the spring, each school's PTA conducts parent elections to fill vacant seats for the upcoming school year. 

    Each fall, schools present an overview of their School Improvement Plans to District Leaders and/or CHCCS Board Members for feedback.  In December, schools conduct a vote to approve SIPs at the school level and Board members review plans to prepare for approval during the December Board Meeting. . Use the links below to view the latest reports and to visit the school improvement webpages that are maintained by personnel at each school. Information related to meeting dates and/or membership in a School Improvement Team can be found by visiting the school’s webpage, or contacting the school directly.