Twice Exceptional (2e) Students

  • Twice-exceptional students are gifted children of above average abilities who have special educational needs.  Students who qualify for an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or who have a 504 plan, may qualify for additional services as gifted students.
    It is important to recognize these needs in order to best serve students who are gifted as well as educationally disabled.  Because their giftedness can mask their special needs, and their special needs can hide their giftedness, these children are sometimes misunderstood or under identified.
    What are the characteristics of 2e students?  The following are indicators that a student may require twice exceptional services:
    • Strong thinking skills, large vocabulary, and extensive background knowledge, but struggles with basic writing skills
    • Creative and sensitive, but struggles with following basic directions
    • Strong memory for details of historical events, but struggles with remembering new spelling rules or multiplication facts
    • Loves to be read to and has a depth of verbal understanding, but struggles with reading
    If you have these concerns, please contact the EC Facilitator, the 504 Coordinator, or the gifted (AIG) specialist at the child’s school.
    For further information, please refer to gifted education section of this website. 


Twice Exceptional Brochure

  • This brochure is used by our teachers as a resource for meeting the needs of gifted children who are presenting with uneven performance or unique challenges.