Homebound Review & Discontinuation

  • Review of Services

    Pregnant/post-partum students are typically provided Homebound instruction for a period of 6 weeks, or until the student is cleared by a healthcare provider for returning to school.

    Students with a mental health diagnosis as the primary reason for the Homebound request are required to have the Homebound Instruction Medical Form filled out by the Psychiatrist or other licensed mental health provider with a return to school treatment plan.

    Students on EC Homebound placement must be reviewed every 30 days by the IEP team.

    Students on medical placement must reapply every 45 days for service.

    No new homebound applications are accepted after April 30th of the current school year.

    Discontinuation of Services

    If a student misses two scheduled appointments without an appropriate excuse, the Homebound Coordinator will contact the parent/guardian to notify them of possible discontinuation of services. Homebound instruction will be terminated after a third student absence without an appropriate excuse.

    The Homebound tutor and/or school designee will notify the Homebound Coordinator when the student has returned to school.