Homebound Request and Assignment

  • Requests for Homebound instruction are made by the parent/guardian(s) to the student’s school of attendance or by an IEP Team for temporary Exceptional Children’s placement

    school designee ( could be someone other than the AP) will prepare a written referral for Homebound instruction.  The referral must be signed off by the Principal or Assistant Principal (AP) before being submitted to the district Homebound Coordinator. The referral must include the following:

      • Homebound Instruction Request Form
      • For EC-related homebound, a copy of the IEP DEC 5 Prior Written Notice attached to the request form
      • For medical-related homebound, a Homebound Instruction Medical Form or medical statement, signed by the physician providing the medical plan, and an Authorization for Release/Exchange of Information, attached to the request form
      • Students with a mental health diagnosis, as the primary reason for the Homebound request, are required to have the Homebound Instruction Medical Form filled out by their Psychiatrist or other licensed mental health provider with a return to school treatment plan.
    The medical statement should provide:
      • A specific description of the medical condition
      • confirmation that the absence will be a minimum of four weeks, or in some circumstances, intermittent and expected absence throughout the school year due to a medical condition
      • the anticipated length of time expected for school absence
      • any physical or psychological limitations
    Upon receipt of the written Homebound referral, the Homebound Coordinator will review for approval/denial; in some cases the referral decision will be made by a Multidisciplinary District Team.

    For approved referrals, the Homebound Coordinator 
    or his/her designee will:
    • notify the school designee
    • select a Homebound instructor  
    • contact the student’s parent/guardian with information about the instructor
    • provide the Homebound instructor with a contract and student contact information
    • provide the school designee and student’s teachers with
      • name and contact information of the Homebound instructor
      • description of the school’s responsibility for Homebound instruction
    For denied referrals, the Homebound Coordinator will notify the school designee.